You can be rest assured that if anything breaks down in your Droid Stream Android TV Box, it will be covered by our 6-month replacement warranty. Whether it be a faulty power supply, a box that has problems powering on, or a faulty port—you are covered for replacement. It should be noted; any physical damage is not covered or if you have bricked the device by installing too many add-ons we will not replace the device. We will however, reprogram the device for 29.99 remotely.


Note: We’ve hand-picked a few dozen add-ons for your enjoyment that come included with your Droid box. If these add-ons start running slow, or are not available at certain times, this is not due to the device. We are not affiliated with Kodi or any other third party and cannot guarantee that any one add-on or channel will work all the time. All add-ons are developed & managed by a third-party and there is no guarantee of connectivity, speed or quality.


Distribution of Media Prohibited


Here at Droid Stream, we do none of the following: host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media. The device acts as a directory—just like your internet browser. It also means we have no control of the content that gets posted. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use the content for anything other than its original purpose—things like financial gain or using the content in a way that has a negative effect on a third-party is not allowed.

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