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Fidget Cube Reviews body, is also considered a small load Just wake up that spirit will be only hundred times because of mental excitement, said after a conversation gradually bad, fell down asleep The sleep and sleep for two days, Xuanji moment kept squatting next to, I m afraid she could not sleep, but fortunately the next afternoon, she finally opened his eyes, the first thing that hungry Xuanji hurriedly from the table has long been good heat up the millet gruel, with a spoon to feed her, one side smiles This is my turn to take care of you You do fidget cube reviews my sister, I do sister Delicate soft leaning against the bed, look lazy, gently complained I do not like the top of this a little taste Is there no big fish Xuanji gently smile, softly Well, you sleep for almost a year, has not eaten Suddenly eat large fish, the body is not good Slowly A few days you can eat a taste Something Delicate two soul six soul was taken away, the body is equal to die in an instant, only my heart still keep some warmth Chu Lei was also worried that the original will not eat to her failure will die Herbal soup every day filling her drink, who knows how much she fed how much Throat are closed to live, a drop of water also can not get Later, and Yang said the soul was pumping away the person can not eat, for she also does not affect, Chu Lei couple was calm down At the moment she finally woke up, extremely weak stomach How to eat large fish Xuanji will be the majority of small bo.e to him, the surface is like a layer of Yan cream frost Deputy Miyaji said how do I say You know what is meant by sexual gratification You can know the lover only in the event of suffering when the attack will happen Let him worry about the loss of the people who are you He, why not let go of the point The entangled person is not he, is you I I do not Xuanji anxious almost cry, how can I not like him I really like the Secretary for Phoenix She no longer refused to give up, in front of several big men spit voice You can like a lot of people, but the love is different This world is different, you can love a lot of people, but you love a lot of people, you can love a lot of people, daddy mother, sister sister, , You will only love a person Xuanji mouth to refute, but found no language to refute Liu Yi huan has asked her In her mind, Yu Si Feng in the end what And who she likes to compare, in the end who is the most important She has also not understand what the significance of this problem, no one important, which she did not want to lose But now, she vaguely understand some Yu Si Feng said Only then a person will make you willing to die for her And that person than all of them are not important, life and death, is the case You will be sad for many many people sad, and even have to die with anxious to follow the idea, but only one person will let you do not hesitate to go with him Because the man is heavier than his own life, to l.

o try to suppress the fear of the heart, separated for a while, calm some, said We have not become strong, not to be able to save them unscathed when they come back one day Her heart was excited to the extreme, pale lips slightly trembling, tears in the eyes Yingran But she was hard to suppress the living, Yu Feng brother raised his hand Lanzhu her shoulders, her head by her head, Into the arms Softly said You can think so, you fidget cube whitesmoke prove fidget cube youtube that you grow up a lot of these enemies, I accompany you to report two people better than one person She nodded silently, his soft hair to his neck, and hemp and itch His mind is a swing, but fidget cube kickstarter video in the end is not in the mood, just sighed and said Let s fidget cube brown leave here tomorrow, Qingyang to see if Liu brother is not there Xuanji nodded, do not speak Yu Si feng feel the atmosphere gradually embarrassed, although both of them to Zhong Minyan things agitated, but in the end of the night, she left a girl here, still huddled in his arms, how not too good Red Luan look at the table to see them, low called twice, then retracted his head under the wings, continue to sleep It looks like Xuanji, also like Yu Si feng s room Xuanji late at night, you go back to the room to rest it We have to hurry tomorrow morning He said softly, touched her hair She muffled ah a moment, and finally sit up straight body, his face wet, a few tears still remain in the cheek side, looked sad, looks very delicate and charming He subconsciou.bed her wrist, and slowly shook his head She zheng zhu, turned around and see exquisite holding Zhong Minyan cry cry sad, Zhong Minyan first also fight back, finally could not bear, ring live her waist, quietly appease She had to stop abruptly impulse, do not bother him two Lei Lei said You have face back Zhong Minyan hurriedly gently pushed the exquisite, whispered disciples know the wrong, go astray, not to ask the master to forgive, please master the punishment Chu Lei Hey smile, said Who is your master Zhong Minyan bowed in silence Chu Leisen said I do not kill you is already grace You actually have face back Please master punishment Disciples can fidget cube reviews not defend Chu said Well, then I ask you, sensitive things how to say Murder life, right and proper You lose a life out Zhong Minyan silently Xiejiao waist Saber, his hands holding, Chen Sheng said Please master the punishment He said to say only to these five words, Chu Lei rage, suddenly said You are in the threat to me Unfinished the phrase, already grabbed his sword, hang out to cry out And anxious The head think twice Side of the disciples to see him angry, immediately crashed kneel down a large For a time, the venue is dead Delicate slips to stand up, stand in front of Zhong Minyan, snapped Daddy You know that sensitization is being cheated You you know you saved me You want to kill him, it is better to first I killed Chu Lei cold look at her knees behind the Zhong Minyan, a.s eager to learn radical, tell you, I and your mother always thought that exquisite will be to become talented, so from childhood it is inevitable for her more care, ignoring youyou heart may have complained daddy and Niangqin Xuanji light said If there is no complaint, the dad must think that I do But to be honest, I never thought of this kind of thing Oh, it seems like no idea of thisDad you will not think I diffuse not fidget cube goldenrod By Chu lei sighed and said choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting, What s the difference Xuanji surprise, but also when fidget cube reviews he knew his past life status, a fidget cube graphite time of heart disorder If they all know, will not exclude her Think of her as a monster From then on the points, no longer ignore her Chu Lei said I see you will collapse with jade handy Also rein in the animal, must have any excitement Daddy is watching you grow up, you actually do not understand this fidget cube reviews He turned back See Xuanji face Qingbai staggered, a long while She was quivering I I m no different ah and we are the same Chu Lei laughed You child, what things but also without the knowledge of daddy Xuanji urgent No Really no different Chu Lei patted her shoulder to show comfort, Wen said He early to rest it Tomorrow fidget cube pink and white morning also pumping number, do not delay He turned slowly walk away Xuanji stare at his back, suddenly.

Fidget Cube Reviews ed from a rational word You can not set aside reason for personal reasons She is not a criminal Ridiculous Chu Lei rage, raising his hand to give her a slap in the face Purple fox suddenly cried in the back You old man Really stubborn Bale, Xuanji I do not want to make you difficult You do not save me Well, a small number of Xiu Xian martial disciples Hey, the old man, I did not want to hurt, but you put me into this on the time to pick flowers flower hairpin, do not blame me mercilessly Chu Lei looked at her, coldly You do, really unworthy of others to do a friend Purple fox angrily, anxious You less here nonsense I do not hands, do not want me lying there to kill aging mother is not the kind of coward Xuanji interrupted Dad I must be to save her anyway, I said to the cause and effect to you, if you do not agree, IAnyway, anyway, I have to save her The moment she and the purple fox how to meet, how to save the mountain to save people, purple fox how to be abducted by the Deputy Miyaji things said again She is not as clever as she is But also this matter will be complete and said it again, and finally said Dad From Ze Palace is very strange The watch is that they Chu Lei silence pondered Did not speak One side of the Teng snake laughed You fidget cube reviews people like to do things complicated I said Directly put people out, who would dare to make irresponsible remarks, to a kill one This happy You shut up Xuanji turned him a supercilious look, f.most noble descent, his wings on the light even more dazzling than the sun, almost can be tears He was like a golden light, the moment fell on the floor, the demons who are very scruples to him, not dare to compete with, have dodge Liu Yixuan decided to look at him, Chen Sheng said You want to abandon him Xuanji slowly shaking his head, or speechless Even her own do not know, what is the surprise accounted for the majority, or the majority of the disappointment Suddenly remembered that day he sent her Gnaphal hairpin As sections ask, whisper test If it is demon, you have to look down on it He cared so much about himself He is a demon, demon class worthy of the people Afraid of her disappointment Afraid of her exclusion, afraid she left her She can not remember how the day is how to answer him, and there is no injury to his heart Her innocent head never thought he was such a thing demon class, Yushi Feng Yu Si feng, she can not leave him This is simple However, why should he release his hand Her answer is not up, it is instinctive reaction to the body moment he is a demon, not a person She easily threw him at his fingertips Liu Yi sighed with a sigh of relief, the sound bitter he is a do not know how to find a posteriori fool, hit a blood was also reluctant to leavefool so hard a man Life is too hard, emotions, love and hate tangled, like a very bitter tea to drink Can not tell the feeling But we still want to be a man Life is g.

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