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Magic Gadget on Sale Fidget Cube Neon

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Fidget Cube Neon akistan snake is back to the wound to eat pain struggle, suddenly smell the breath of the living, is the mouth, not by ecstatic, a bite down Yu Si feng from its Senli to flash between the teeth, suddenly overstating And Xuanji both left and right, aimed at it big and dull eyes severely stabbed Flutter to sound, they feel is punctured the ball the same From that wound poured a lot of black water They know that powerful, can not meet Dodge let over, sword and then stabbed, I do not know it in the eyes of the poor to stab the number of sword Pakistan snake pain was covered in whole body up fidget cube azure and down straight shaking, dense legs kick kick, mouth smell the breath of the living However, they are also more flexible than the rabbit, how could not eat mouth, and finally had to give up, rolling on the floor, I do not know how to eliminate that pain Xuan Ji will collapse in the hands of jade, fingers slowly blowing over the blade, which Dengshi blooming to eye catching fire She now seems to be able to call out a little Samadhi really small fire, though not much, but better than the previous time when the spirit to the better Pakistan snake suddenly feel the side to red hot Subconsciously avoid, but it is late Xuanji vertical sword flying on its back, will burn the Sanmeizhenhuo collapse of jade fiercely into its vest Like cut melon cut vegetables in general, from scratch to the tail Samadhi real fire is how severe the days of fire Together.o twelve feathers, so contrary to the iron from the Ze Palace to the law must not be rumored to be more than he accidentally sealed but also harsh Old Miyaji a death, then a few brothers also go to the scattered scattered, to stay in the palace are also in charge of being instill obedience, who would not say fidget cube aliceblue this secret out Know the secret, and have the courage to say out, want to come only to pick the vice Yaoqiong Yao Yao From the Ze Palace had no vice principal, said the palace is simply because the main palace of the main house of hate against the precepts, only abruptly split into two main palace, given to his brother two Liu Yiyuan not much understanding of the two brothers, and the Great Miyaji because Yu Sifeng things come into contact with several times, that he was hidden, but not very stable person, in some ways can be used to describe the impetuous , Quick success, this point from his sent to the floating jade island trouble can be seen, trick is good, but unfortunately too Shenbuzhu Qi If he can bear for a moment, will be a few of them Xiu Xian Xian martial martial to the secluded place and then start, Xuanji even have the ability can not save big As for the deputy masters, he saw his first reaction is disgust, do not want to close Vice masters give him the feeling is very bad, if the palace masters like the water in the pit, it seems calm deep, which is a dark tide, then the vice is a mass of water mist maze, hazy.

race of astringent Although he was a lot of fairy contempt for the wild monkeys, dead , but his friends are all over the world, just mention where no support Qi three words, there is no barrier His nature to bring a trace of uninhibited pride, what the people can be fraternizing, so never know, the world was actually even a friend what the word meaning do not know In vain she is so Huirongyuemao, with great skills, but it is a lonely person, who can fidget cube neon not even talk to people on weekdays, how the fidget cube net worth day had to be He really can not imagine, and occasionally think of Lien Chan was three days and nights with her things, suddenly understand why she is still in the fierce fighting in the calm self sustaining, no color Because she was alone for too long Well, the heavenly fairies beat me, wanted a despicable way, buy away my henchmen, and then we met for the second time No support Qi suddenly looked up, his eyes sparkling, laughing at her, I have a problem, hold back a thousand years, just waiting to see you ask you, now you can count, be sure to answer me Xuanji said Well, you ask, if I know, be sure to answer He said leisurely The day you see me, and I fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety said to be a friend no bad, is really deceived me fooled Xuanji thought for a long time, extremely serious, focused eyelashes are not moving about For a long, long time, so purple fidget cube neon fox almost to suffocate, she suddenly said No, I do not believe in fairy She said lightly Really, because I nev.urning into the room, do not stay Xuanji spent half a day in the house, in the end do not worry, they dare not directly broke into, only secretly Pa in the door, peeping inside from the door Looked for a long time, inside the dark, nothing can not see She ear to hear, but also what the sound is not only anxious scratching, I do not know how to do Was about to push the courage to open the door, suddenly, Zhi Ya sound, the door opened, Yu Si Feng dressed in coat, blankly to look down at her Xuanji surprise, fell out to run, but he was caught after the collar, quickly dragged into the house, the door bang to shut Xuanji was he dragged, staggered a few steps, and finally fell in the chair, rush to stand up, but he was forced to hold down the shoulder, low drink fidget cube neon sit She was overawed, obediently sitting in a chair, Two eyes stared at him pitiful, to see him light, pour tea, take snacks, and finally sat across from his face, expressionless and her big eyes stare A long time, he handed her cup in front of her, whispered You blame me, right Xuanji bowed his head, bite the lips, did not speak For a time, the atmosphere is extremely awkward Her eyes glided away, slipping from his slender fingers into his long hair hanging in front of him, and then he saw his slightly open chest, and hastened to avoid the gaze, dare not look Suddenly felt his fingers touch to their ears, she is Yi Chan, tightly closed eyes, hide and do not hide is not Micro.only a piece of silence in the woods, smoke gradually dispersed, exposing the focus of the black cracked soil, lying on the ground more than a dozen dozen lightning demons, as if dead Chu shadow red long breath, although they kill these demons, the hearts of no joy meaning, who do not know how much Shaoyang sent to injury, even the Luyang and Fengyang are dead, we fidget cube neon can see there More powerful demons in the dark ambush She first helped the two injured female disciples up, look at the wound, but fortunately there is no fatal injury fidget cube antsy Duan Rui cried and said Master We are late Many sisters in the Yu Yang Tong died in the hands of demons Chu Yinghong heart disorder, fidget cube neon only softly to appease I head and head to find Huanyang Shishu, the sea of blood revenge, Shaoyang sent will certainly come back End soft slightly stable some, Chen Sheng said thanks to the Huan Yang Shishu At that time the demon suddenly struck, the first Sha Shaoyang peak to the elders and the head of his wife are discussing whether or not to float jade Island spectators hairpin the General Assembly Things, we are caught by surprise, Shifang Shushu first shot, but all of a sudden those strange birds are emitted by the strange fire burned to death Fengyang Shi Bo see that strange fire is very powerful, they will protect the head of the first lady And other young disciples evacuated, the result is not careful to blame Huoliao a bit that fire is very strange, even if the sli.

Fidget Cube Neon uisite and Xuanji both promised to him, Shaoyang School also inherited by him Zhong Minyan first heard such a promise, the hearts of ecstasy naturally do not have to say His heart the most taboo, the most invisible people s ideas can be met, no less than suddenly, as can be inherited Shaoyang school, have become secondary He said The man promised, if I can make it, they will reward me, the disciples were puzzled, should be down, the man said, is to me to do the mountain spies, because the recent cable Tiesuo trouble The disciples to listen to these words are also reasonable, but I m afraid the evil side of the mountain do not believe me the other side, that person would say, when we enter the ill off mountains, such as when we do not know how to do this, we can not be in a passive situation, , He will appear, do some drama, I will be expelled from the division door, and then into the ill Hill, no matter what the other side to do what I can not resist, or even kill two brothers Everyone heard here is uproar, Xuanji and Yu Si Feng immediately remembered the scene of the day, no wonder he was so determined to Zhanxia Chen Min Jue to arm, the original he was when these are Chu Lei command The two brothers how to say is the same division of the brothers, and I grew up together to accept the teachings of the master, I told the man, I can not do anything under the hands of the brothers, The man immediately became angry and said, If I sub flow Fu Liu, the two a closer look, it is Zhong Minyan He saw Xuanji and Yu Si feng, immediately raised eyebrows laughed So you are here, called me good looking They are a stay, all just want to he obviously and exquisite in the courtyard you Lennon I Lennon, how so will work on a person out Zhong Minyan see them in a daze, they laughed Why fidget cube antsy Look at me Master let me call you, he seems to have something to order Xuanji odd Let us not eat it Zhong Minyan surprised a moment, followed by smiles Ah But he just said something to say Xuanji not have him, the moment we have to follow him, Yu Si feng suddenly asked Small six sub, Delicate it Small six sub call is exquisite dedicated, others only joking or angry when shouting Out, Yu Si feng is self knowledge has never been so called him Zhong Min made no change, and said, She s gone first, just waiting for you Yisi Feng suddenly sneered This is not it This remark, Zhong Minyan face suddenly changes, the body of a vertical, actually jumped thirty feet tall, like to escape Yu Sifeng already prepared, will be clutched in the palm of the marbles a throw, just listen to flutter several times muffled, the middle of the man vest His body flashed, it seems to fall, Yu Si feng Jianqi hands already fired, seeing they have to be seriously injured, the man suddenly raising his hand to grab the branches, like swing swing in the air a turn a fold, far off Into the bush, the two of fidget cube tumblr them to catch.

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