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Fidget fidget cube lightsalmon Cube Lightsalmon l abacus Miyaji to the mouth, then swallowed back, then I thought, vaguely understand He must take advantage of their own this time to go to hell to save people, to the Secretary for Phoenix Ruoyu as a small disciple, where to dare to assassinate Secretary Feng Obviously was the back was ordered Yes, it is very difficult for the Garuda family to have a 12 feather lineage In general, only 12 feathers can be on the majestic descent He is also the seat of the big masters after the seat to give Yushi Feng, because he is in addition to his only outside the 12 feather of the Garuda So, let him go to hell dead And then take advantage of his time to the underworld of this time will be immature Yushi Feng removed, so that the main palace to the throne will firmly belong to fidget cube lightsalmon him This plan will be his mind planning it Great Miyaji quietly looking at the opposite side of the deputy masters Heart also some hesitation no no He should not be so shallow as he wanted Should be more than do the authors, the largest from the Ze palace that secret, to him know He turned to countless thoughts in a flash, and then said ah I have to carefully consider the candidate questions, the key first put you there, so I got the candidate to say, the matter planned for many years, not in a hurry This is the time to the more critical time, the more to stabilize He turned and walked, lost in thought, even the side of the Secretary Siu Feng thoughtfully did not notic.Ruoyu shook his head and suddenly said When I finished, he raised his hand and said I do not respect you, fidget cube for students adult fidget cube I also wear a mask for you, , The Shura mask picked down Zhong Minyan anxious Uh, no Not that not in front of outsiders pick the mask You wear back, I do not care Words though say so He looked very curious to see his skin color and Yushi Feng as pale, apparently not see the consequences of sunlight for a long time However, the long eyebrows into the temples, nose straight, though not as if the Division Phoenix is so eye catching to clear your handsome, but also a gentle handsome boy But the eyes are too dark, too dark, it is involuntary feel dangerous, not too close Zhong Minyan startled for a while Only You are away from Ze Palace is not allRuoyu does not deny, nodded Yes, we are all demons Relying on the seal under the ribs Yao Qi, not to find the practice of people Garuda you know Originally a solitary demon But because one person received great favor So received the kindness of the part of the Golden winged birds gathered together, built from the Ze Palace As is one day to save the man you should know, that person is being held in the underworld without support Qi Zhong Minyan murmured fidget cube lightsalmon You and I say these why you know a lot, Secretary Phoenix do not know these Ruoyu said It is Liu Yiyuan to protect him, had to make the main palace under the heavy oath, not allowed to tell him from the origin of Ze Palace, as his year aw.

diately Emitting a bright fire Her voice a few fall, he saw the collapse of jade as cut melon vegetables in general, into the gluttonous vest Tengguo shouting They are not afraid of fire Xuanji snapped I do not burn it I cut rotten it Men force, the bird gluttonous from the back of a sword fidget cube lightsalmon cut, actually cut into two halves It hum no hum, it rolled to the ground, fell into the shadow of Hao Feng, no movement Another gluttonous Xianshibumiao, face off also want to return to the shadow, Teng snake Ji called nine days mysterious fire it to try What is the nine mysterious fire Xuanji back to ask, do not prevent him to seize his hand, snapped Quick Call fidget cube lightcoral my name Xuanji stare crying Teng snake Collapse of the hands of jade immediately react, violent Shaking up, like holding a heart, rapid beating Sword ah Stupid Teng snake simply hate iron into steel Xuanji heart suddenly played a certain induction, instinctively raised collapse of jade, sword hit Teng snake the whole body into the sky, behind the fire wing crash about open, but is no longer the blood of Hongyan That burning flames of fire, is a close to the transparent blue, there is no longer Teng snake fire overbearing, nor Sanmeizhenhuo bright, it is so quietly burning, unobtrusive, cold color, As if without a trace of temperature Head of the reunion of the white clouds in the moment all the spread, like being confused with the giant hand His huge and beautiful fire wings slowly sha.big lazy waist, smiles Well, unfortunately I can not send you out Xuanji asked You are the eight chains, that is, Dinghai Tiesuo Well, you know ah Yes, I have not asked you, how can you turn the world robbery Ares generals, but massive, meritorious ah Is the Emperor also see you old people do not pleasing to the eye Xuanji shook his head honestly I do not knowSome things to think of it, some things but how can not remember You do not know things can be more No support Qi murmured, thought, said Probably your memory was taken away, and the sky should be aware of those fairy colleagues, right AskOh, what is this snake Ask him He pointed to the snake, starting from the snake snake door, this is the first time he really noticed him, actually refused to say a word with him Teng snake anger was livid face, actually did not quarrel with him, only Chen Sheng said I know not many vaguely know that she was committed something, specifically what counts, only the above a few Father was clear No support Qi eyes light up, Oh What do you call them Father You this person interesting tight Teng snake cold look at him, lightly On the contrary, the world famous to support the Qi so I feel very boring No support Qi is not angry, only haha laughed Do not fight it What is good to complain Teng snake is not it I remember you, back to accompany you to play a ten days and ten nights Or how to say Teng snake simple, eyes on the light at once, urgent Now.lants to absorb the essence of the world dew growth, so colorful human soul, only one color Xuanji dizzy, eyes bursts of black, feet a soft, kneeling on the floor The mountain experienced those who like running water in general, scenes flow from her eyes Why Wu Tong so easily get out of the soul, why should be brought out with Chen Minjue the original, the original everything is a trap He is too easy to agree to exquisite soul back to them, they will be suspicious, but sent with Chen Minjue together, ordinary people will believe that the bottle must be fitted with exquisite soul Then he played a small means, so that they feel he had a suspicion, natural attention will not be on the issue of true and false soul However, in fact, he did not believe from the beginning to the end of Zhong Minyan and Ruoyu He did not lose anything, in vain on the two in the past for his life Xuanji grew more and more feel frightened, hands and feet are cold Opposite the two people see her look driven to distraction, the heart could not bear to, Liu Yi exclaimed You are young people, come out of the rivers and lakes, no experience you are not the same, To rookie, is cheated is normalLook a good or bad school twice Xuanji shook his head tragically, his face pale This time, they lost, completely lost, fidget cube shark tank lost very miserable, and even almost lost his life As a result, nothing came, nothing Tingnu softly You have not seen fidget cube lightsalmon people s raw soul, was fooled no big.

Fidget Cube Lightsalmon ears did not move too afraid to be lying on the ground to fight it He fingers to be caught without support Qi shoulders, only Suddenly felt his stature a move, if lightning fast, he actually caught an empty, followed by a tight wrist, was actually he clutched in his hand He was tied to eight large iron chain cable, hand strength actually did not reduce, Teng snake caught him, shreds can not move He was pleasantly surprised, anxious how and I want to play No support Qi throw the same garbage throw him away, clapped and said Do not fight Say you in the end is Who Who gives you come in My site only welcome beauty sister, you die a man to get out You Teng snake for the first time a man to be mad to the point of speechless Purple fox see him angry purple face, and hurried out again to smooth things,This is Teng snake adults No support Qi was arrested and no one told me, but for me to find you when the face of the Proton Snake adults, he told me you were caught, I may still find it today Do not be so rude you Teng snake adults have been looking for you all these years, a lot of effort ah No support Qi Hey smile, said I am looking for I m afraid I did not find any kind of good hearted it, he is not a fairy He despised the snake from scratch to see feet, the look seems fidget cube backer survey to say he is Gods, offical fidget cube really let people look down, gods are nothing good Teng snake s face is extremely ugly, it seems like an attack soon, purple fox hurried and said Yes.Is If not finished, Ronggu the main will Di He heard Jiang elders Competition is not over yet He swallowed the words back Face livid Ronggu main take it lightly Guipai talented people Envy really teach people, but the hairpin flower than the test in the discussion of the General Assembly, not against the enemy, so they reveal the inevitable casualties, but also invited two Miyaji attention That big masters still do not speak, only the deputy masters laughed Yung Guzhu is right, I will teach him not to be a last resort to use them That was not sincere, good culinary quality, such as original fidget cube Ronggu, could not help but have a fire in my heart, gently snorted, no longer speak The first day of the test soon ended, brush half of the people down, Shaoyang school to participate in the 10 disciples, only six, it touches on the floating jade island occupied the terrain advantage, leaving eight people In the evening, a group of young disciples gathered together to celebrate Xuanji through the first hurdle, naturally, is eating and drinking a pass, the young people together to joke, of course do not have to say, it touches Xuanji sometimes wondering Du Min won the line, the hearts of Some uncomfortable Back to the room on the road, Teng snake unexpectedly did not speak, very strange silence Xuanji is not used to him this way, could not help but said You uh, like the island s dishes Teng snake suddenly back to God, quickly nodded Very good Very deli.

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