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Fidget Cube Floralwhite became her To reveal them naturally have a cause How not to accept Fart fart Smelly shit Smelly can not be heard Teng snakes cursed, the ears tightly covered Yu Si feng smiled and put down the tablecloth, sit up straight body, Xuanji just installed a bowl of food over, odd What are you talking about Nothingah, that is, by some pets, if they do a show like He gently smiled, hand tapping the desktop, got up and said Hey, he was ready to go after dinner, I To pick up things fidget cube floralwhite Xuanji got into the table See Teng snake alert to stare at her, she tried to reveal a good smile, light said eat Teng snake to good Good you a big head ghost He has to attack, a claw shot It is necessary to overturn their jobs Xuanji quickly holding a strong Said Anyway, rice is still to eat Well Even if you how annoying Facts are irreversible I am willing to accept, and what you do not let go That is not let go of the kind you like to be exposed by the snake to do so very aggrieved very depressed tone fidget cube floralwhite He felt his mind buzzing chaos ring, really a mess, had to hold his knees and then curled up, refused to communicate with her Separated for a while, just listen to fidget cube discount the sound next to his secretly glanced at, and saw her from the cuff dug out gauze injury medicine, with jade hairpin pick some ointment, sent to his face What are you doing He woke up the hair are erected, and quickly escape, not prevent her without mercy Xiangxi, grabbed his hair, hard pull over, know him Purple Fox then discovered that fidget cube floralwhite the two men seem to know, not help very curious Teng snake suddenly flushed, hesitated not a reason, ferocious cried ask so many why Shut up Xuanji laughed Oh, you do not know, purple fox I did not finish, Teng snake put the snapping of the iron bars thrown over at her, cried Smelly little girl will say a few words will die ah Purple fox incredible looked at him two, suddenly remembered Xuanji special status, received a snake do they reveal what is not a strange thing, then nodded and said Well uh, congratulations She saw the look of Teng snake vicious, scared to swallow back the words back Xuanji see Teng snake busy for a long time, only the demolition of the two iron bars, they urge Road If you hurry to work ah If people found, we have to bad luck Teng snake was about to refute the rise, suddenly surprised a moment, put his hand down from the cage, turned around and I do not know what looked User upload chapter fourth volumes Hua Meng burst Chapter thirty third chapter Assembly five She is my friend, how can I see Xuanji called out, repeatedly said This is a misunderstanding Purple fox is a good man She never harmed people, to the poor mountain also helped us a lot of busy She was kept in a cage Chu Lei did not answer, stepped forward, looked at the cage of the purple what is fidget cube fox, a long while before You are to save her out, then how Xuanji stayed for a while, only said Uh, save out of cou.

ear water From Ze Palace compared to, is simply a horrible cage Like many brothers, he was attracted to this charming scene, linger, different is that many of them have chosen to leave the Ze Palace, quietly looking for a bustling lot of stay, and sentimental woman fell in love, have children Married He resisted the temptation, the master taught him to keep in mind Red no matter how good, but also everywhere trap Life is fidget cube green and black not that easy Sweet at the beginning, the end is always bitter everything Look like, to be Xinruzhishui That night is the Lantern Festival The streets are covered with lanterns, the town there are lantern temple I and several brothers to visit the temple, the temple a lot of people, you push me I squeeze you, and I quickly got separated I do not recognize the way back to the inn, can only slowly find, and then see the roadside there are many lantern stalls, people guess riddles, guess a variety of prizes presented, I would Minato past, pick up a Lantern , Which read the woman or horse, playing a word card name I guess a lot of answers, but not right, but always reluctant to give up, because it is the first time to play riddles The back was so impatient, put my lantern a snatched, directly out of the answer I looked back, it was a sixteen year old young girl, wearing a white shirt, waist sword She saw me at her, then made a stare at me, took the prizes will face off That is your mother, this is my first meeting w.elp but be infected, rub to stand up Cried You say allow me to kill Oh Do not look back and have to find ways to concoct me Xuan Ji paused, then said Do not kill Yu Si Feng and other mortals Nonsense Teng snake into the sky Behind the fire wing hula about to open He is no longer binding force, which a pair of blood red fire wing open enough feet long Daoxing shallow to those little golden winged birds demon, fidget cube floralwhite once the flames rubbed, and immediately burned into the black carbon fell to the ground He was covered in the red Teng snake in the fire, looks like a fire, the place, such as into the unhindered, invincible However, his advantage accounted for less than a little while, was soon surrounded by a large group of demons With a certain Daoxing not fear the flame, he burned for a long time also burn them, anxious shouted stinky little mother Come help me Xuan Ji slowly sword, light said collapse of the jade sword instantly issued a bright silver luster, burst burst of tremors, like in the cohesion of power, but also like in silently roaring Her wrist a cross, will collapse collapse pushed out Teng snake roared loudly, like some loss, behind the fire wing suddenly look violent long hula, the addition of two new fire wing, the color is translucent blue, straight into the sky, the sky one Clouds all roasted, the heat wave monstrous Chu Lei they know that powerful, has long been hiding in the corner not close Accidentally hit his fire.gency Xuanji you be careful, that strange fire is very powerful She wanted to let her hide, but suddenly remembered her as a floating jade island, maintenance immediately swallowed back Yuehua Jian, Teng snake has opened fire wing to catch up with demons These demons can be compared from the Ze Palace of the Golden winged birds to deal with more, burned to death casualties, all of a sudden he was burned most of the demons Some demons tried to use Bi Fang s strange fire to burn him, who knows that blue flame Liao in his body, as if tickle, he did not even piece clothing angle did not break Teng snake laughed The face of imperial fire to our ancestors, the little hen fire can only count a mere trifle it I do not know how much he burned the precious Bi Fangbiao Chu Lei see most of the demons have been Teng snake burned to death, and the remaining sporadic escape, and no cause trouble This relieved, back across the door on the face of the mysterious irony to worry about the color to his wife smiled Whispered Are you okay He Danping shed tears, softly I m fine Daoshi big brother you are worried about Chu Lei shook his head The crowd see and Yang off the wrist at the blood flow, and hurried over the view Chu Yinghong usual calm, it will also can not help fidget cube gray but tremble with both hands, gently tied him fidget cube peachpuff in the broken wrist of the strip untied Lest a heavy action and then get him pain And Yang face pale, sweaty, but also fight back a smile.

Fidget Cube Floralwhite iately forgot to cry, only with grimace in pain The arm of the Do not move, I see Yu Si Feng lying fidget cube nz on the ground, her arms to the front of his eyes, stroked his sleeves, and sure enough the elbows where the oil scratched the skin, about to bleed look He immediately from the waist bladder to find the wound medicine, thin coating on top, and finally tied a layer of bandage Xuanji also refused to cry at this time, flapping fan eyelashes, only know that pain care Suddenly he looked down, in her wrist to fidget cube floralwhite gently kiss a place, hot lips Gradually spread up, and finally kissed her elbow in the most sensitive piece of skin She could not help but ah a cry, his face flushed red To pumping hand, but not pumping back As if the arm is not how hurt the wound Xuanji He called her, suddenly smiled, hooked at her hook fingers, Come, I have something to say She hesitated I do not know why he suddenly shook his head, propped up to want to stand up, who knows he will pull her arm, she fell back, hit him, the two broke into a ball She cried, and quickly propped up, afraid of pressure to his chest The back of the head suddenly he was forced a pressure, and fell back, a hot cheek But he posted up The cheeks were firmly attached to each other, and his arms were so strong Almost rubbed her into the body Xuanji feel like the chest was put a little rabbit Jump too fast, could not help but gently call him Secretary Feng fidget cube lemonchiffon He held down her neck Muttered Do not.aught back Xuanji asked Why did he want to escape Is it because there is a he can not fit people outside it Thought of this, her face a little red Yu Sifeng did not find her to be careful, continued Because he can not stand the rules from the Ze Palace it Liu Big Brother is a man who loves freedom, do not like others to take care of myself the first time I saw him, he With a fruit tease in the past, listen to him say a joke in the afternoon, from the feel that this person is very good and master Shibo who gave me the feeling is not the same He thought of something interesting and smiled Then I went to the dungeon every day to find him, and he said every daywell, he said a lot of interesting things, and we were getting used to it In fact, Liu Yiyuan then a man was locked in a dungeon, boring to death, there is a child to play with their own that is no better He is the person where the ritual of what the concept of honor is simply not respect for the old, and his every day and Yu Si Feng said a woman by the whole is an urgent goat looks like, actually did not put Yu Si Feng taught to become a generation of rapist, Can be considered lucky Later, the old palace of the Lord died, leaving the last words to let him out, which even expelled from the division of the door that day I went to him, he asked me, do not go with him, He suddenly paused, his eyes narrowed, a long while, said He is the only thing I know so much Xuanji odd You did.

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