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Fidget Cube Europe th What is he sorry she is more, or she I m sorry he is now entangled, can not tell win or lose Yu Si feng would like a long, long time, finally or the window, the concoction poured out all His life is really into the devil, and defeat in her hands, a trace of no room Sigh, take the window of the lyre, he began to slowly pluck the string, Fengqiu Huang, convergence Yun Cao, Qu broken nine days away she may have heard a trace of his heart the slightest bitterness of suffering Misty, like someone in the earnest call his name Division Phoenix, Division Phoenix you hear it Suddenly he was shocked, piano sound stop, the window bursts of noise, there are many people in the running, whispered conversation, noise mixed with a yell Secretary Feng Yu Si Feng Roll out Is the voice of Big Brother Liu Yushi Feng Jiling a jump from the bed, put on his coat and ran out the door That day, Liu Yiyuan heard Zhongminyan repeat Ruoyu words, then immediately understand the identity of the Secretary to the Secretary of Phoenix to leave things in the Ze Palace is concealed When the great maid had a bastard thing, he began to be kept in the dark, the old masters to the dungeon to see him, with vague with the past, so he only knew that the Secretary is a large mausoleum Yusi Feng son, fidget cube neon as His mother who is, how they know, he is completely unaware Because he is the next master of the mausoleum, the body of the twelve feathers, gave birth to a child is bad, is not it He asked snapped, biting her chin, shaking left and right Delicate tightly closed eyes, just waiting for him to anger, his palm split hack, but also happy You do not know my daddy uncle uncle uncle to me to do what Hei hei, offering a reward of two hundred and two I Wu Tong s life, five hundred and two can be broken Who killed me or do what sin can not I am a small disciple, so I am famous rivers and lakes, there is no place to hide, really grateful to die He finished, suddenly heard thorns loudly, it seems to tear cloth to sound Linglong heart suddenly bounce, that he violent to do what indecent assault, after a while, just listen to his laugh Good boy, opened his eyes to see Take a look, you those good uncle done to me Delicate where willing to listen to him, I do not know what he would use the demons of fidget cube backer survey the trick to fidget cube for kids confuse her, she only tightly closed eyes His hand suddenly stroked her cheek, touching back and forth, softly said chotingIf you do not fidget cube europe look at me, that is, I come to see you Take off your clothes, look carefully and carefully Delicate feel his hand from the collar into it, under the horror, had opened his eyes, on his face His head shot strange light, stared at her, buy fidget cube desk toy and suddenly straight from the body, miserable laugh How to see it His upper body clothes have been exhausted, exposing Jingzhuang chest, above the dense do not know how many scars, more from a heart has been designated to the lowe.

ples brought to a safe place Presbyterian guard near the demon to kill the net slip through the net This sword array is too strong, do not hard hit Everyone was shocked, are agitated mind, and now see him so calmly ordered to order, orderly, have nodded Chu Lei also said Please from the Ze palace two main house to inform the three factions, floating jade Island distress The original island to most of the participating disciples, can not bring the whole martial art to bring over, most of the older disciples of the elite Stay among the martial art, to them to inform, is to request reinforcements Who knows he said it twice, no one from the Ze Palace agreed, looked back, from the Ze Palace Morohito are gathered in one side, motionless, the two main Miyaji disappeared Chu Lei consternation under the continuous asked Who is your master it Who knows no one to answer him, as if the disciples did not hear from Ze Palace, like the same Emergency situation, they also refused fidget cube europe to bother these strange from the Ze Palace disciples, had to give up the request reinforcements, each assigned number, to fulfill their obligations Suddenly listen to pillars of Taoist National People s Congress laughed a bunch of rat generation Good to teach you know terrible Voice just fall, just listen to pop sound, Jian Zhen release numerous fireworks, straight into the sky, while smoke filled the air People also do not understand is why, suddenly felt foot strong.bed her wrist, and slowly shook his head She zheng zhu, turned around and see exquisite holding Zhong Minyan cry cry sad, Zhong Minyan first also fight back, finally could not bear, ring live her waist, quietly appease She had to stop abruptly impulse, do not bother him two Lei Lei said You have face back Zhong Minyan hurriedly gently pushed the exquisite, whispered disciples know the wrong, go astray, not to ask the master to forgive, please master the punishment Chu Lei Hey smile, said Who is your master Zhong Minyan bowed in silence Chu Leisen said I do not kill you is already grace You actually have face back Please master punishment Disciples can not defend Chu said Well, then I ask you, sensitive things how to say Murder life, right and proper You lose a life out Zhong Minyan silently Xiejiao waist Saber, his hands holding, Chen Sheng said Please master the punishment He said to say only to these five words, Chu Lei rage, suddenly said You are in the threat to me Unfinished the phrase, already grabbed his sword, hang out to cry out And anxious The head think twice Side of the disciples to see him angry, immediately crashed kneel down a large For a time, the venue is dead Delicate slips to stand up, stand in front of Zhong Minyan, snapped Daddy You know that sensitization is being cheated You you know you fidget cube europe saved me You want to kill him, it is better to first I killed Chu Lei cold look at her knees behind the Zhong Minyan, a.sitting on the side, they complained to him You laugh That is away from the Ze Palace Na Yusi Feng laughed The palace rules so, can not just contact with the woman, not to mention, you ask those miscellaneous things, the hairpin of the General Assembly is also no use really useful news, how people will tell you Delicate waved his hands of the booklet, hum This is useless This depends on everyone s skill What people are good at weapons moves, I have asked Oh Here, her eyes suddenly a turn, grinning Said You are also considered from the Ze Palace of the people Come here Tell us a little news Yu Si feng dumbfounding, only said The specific people who participate in who I do not know, but from the Ze Palace is good at light weight effort, moves on the more strangeOften to surprise themIf they want to win, Meng s way to grams, presumably will be effective Delicate to see him say for fidget cube gear a long time are nonsense, but this person has always been tough, and asked him to make up his mind not to say, that asked the death he would not say to Had to give up In view of the Regulus did not come this year, the other factions of the right age, although many disciples, but good skills are few, the final faction leaders can only discuss the number of reduced, each sent 10 people, from the previous 60 Became forty people As a result, the schedule will not be as compact as before, but also take time to come to watch the Teng, a good observation of the.

Fidget Cube Europe by suddenly surprised a moment Delicate is the soul of being pulled out and put back to the little mother This will not be good for you in the past Maybe not up Xuanqi odd How do you know Teng snake very malicious smile, whispered What the island is also hiding from my eyes People two carnival the night, you in the past to interrupt What is fidget cube europe it Obediently to the small hall to eat is decent Xuanji and Yu Si feng first to stay for a moment, that he came to understand the meaning Both are extremely distressed Think of exquisite and Zhong Minyan so bold, can not help but whom speechless Yu Si feng is tangled in that carnival night words can not extricate themselves I do not know the boast Zhongmin is a good kind, or sympathy for him They rattled the night s sword, and I did not sleep well enough, so much noise, that you guys in the two hearts of a ghost to hear the guy Actually also used weapons Yu Si feng can not imagine how it is how the absurd picture Strange, Liu brother does the fidget cube make noise said that when the use of weapons Xuanqi odd how is the sword They both in a fight Teng snake, Well hum, and said That s almost friends That guy drank high, and pulled the little mother do not let go, little niang angry, the sword opposite the two first joke, and later really fight, And said that the swordsmanship is exquisite, after the revenge is expected to go back and Baba ran the mountain worship a grave ghosts know what they do most of the night The origin.left this girl, he would also like to kill The woman is not allowed to enter, so I sent her to a farm adoption Second months to secretly visit her She is not allowed to enter the house She grew up year after year, more and fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan more good looking, lively and lovely, a look that is my daughter every time I hide in the dark to see her, are anxious and she said two words, squeezed her little hands Little face, listen to her call father parents, this kind of mood, my first understanding of life Here, he smiled, some bitter Yushi Feng Qing said Brother you later left the Ze Palace is to this thing Liu Yihuan nodded Yes this thing in addition to fidget cube europe the old Miyaji and me, there is another brother, who do not know that I am grateful to his senior, I can not often see his daughter, so he always for me I did not dare to look past, afraid to be found I stood blankly for a night, I did not dare to look at her, I have to take care of her I once again secretly slipped out to see her daughter, but wait until dark, , No results, had no choice but to return to the back from the Ze Palace Then the brother rush to find me, I know, the child was seriously ill, at stake She was ten years old, so small children, eat the number of drugs, , I did not get any better, I did not care what rules, the night away from the Ze Palace, but when I rushed to her side, she has to die, and completely in a state of dying I hold her, crying too I have not heard her call my f.

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