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Fidget Cube Design reak out Xuanji arm suddenly a tight, but it is Liu Yiren bitter to seize, and his hand trembling fidget cube design slightly, the original is not fitted out, but really in fear Youyou have to be careful That stuffterrible Xuanji see his voice began to tremble, and not lightly Liu Big Brother you are so afraid of it Willow angrily Nonsense But for several of your little devil to open the eyes of the day to harm I do not fight back the power of how I would be afraid Are you bad Are you the wrong He read down a mouthful, do not take breath Side of the silence always slaves suddenly Hey, a cry, is the snake It is generally living in the lake demon, the sea will have it Liu Yiyuan anxious This is fidget cube design it This stuff is very annoying Not to mention living in the sea to the Bigger than the lake on the ten times Careless touch on the whole body rot Pavilion slave light said Do not panic, you come He gently clapped his hands on the air, light called When Kang Enchantment Voice a fall, his feet immediately appeared a whole body hair A strange pig Xuan Ji immediately think of the same day in the week House also seen it It is one of the two little monsters of the slaves in captivity, and one is a green bird When Kang listened to the master s instructions Mouth gently cried, the three were immediately shrouded by a fidget cube powderblue layer of weak glaucoma Liu Yi Huan fear this feeling slightly reduced, raising his hand to poke a poke that enchantment, as if nothing frivolous, finger.l I guess he is exquisite soul to steal it out, And then find a borrowed to see us, secretly the soul back to us So he said to take care of his exquisite so he said later will be so sad He also knows that the fidget cube marketing other is using their own, but there is no way Hehe in this case, why not come back Xuanji still do not understand Yu Si feng shook his head The sensible being cheated, ah, he is so respected master of a person, your dad has any explanation, how could he not listen to this stolen exquisite soul, presumably without telling them, If be known, but also do not know how he will be punished Xuan Ji thought, finally understand the ins and outs She will be exquisite soul carefully back into the chest, that the warmth of the bottle beat, like a small heart Ah, really is exquisite she sentimentally touched, this familiar feeling, must be true, really is her Go, we return to Shaoyang school She removed from the lake collapse of jade, put back scabbard, and feel covered with courage Go back and tell dad, six brothers is not a traitor Such as the fidget cube backer edition exquisite life saving, Liu Big Brother s injury is also cured, we went to ill Hill Yusi Feng smiled, but also got up and said If you can find out who is posing as your dad in the end to deceive the sensible, caught to become evidence, it would be best Yes Xuanji snapped a finger, issued a creaky sound, find out, put his five horses fractions Teng snake next to a shiver, whispered No woman like a.

y carrying the jar out of the wine Li tailor just the same day no business, then directly deal with Xuanqi piece of fur, so she waited outside Xuanji waiting for a long time outside, gradually bored up, simply go out slowly along the path, leisurely look at the rural landscape here Although the West Valley is the border of the land, but the climate is warm, grain flourishing, folk customs are very simple The village is surrounded by mountains, but not the mountains, from afar, green cascading ups and downs, the scenery is very wonderful Yamashita residential bits and pieces, leisurely scattered distribution, one of the world leisurely scene Walked for a long time, suddenly appeared in front of a large pond, which barking frogs, Teng snake to catch a frog playing Xuanji and went for some time, suddenly saw the front lap bamboo fence, fence is two large green tiles house, finishing a clean There are many strains of phoenix tree flowers, trees Hongyan fire, the scenery is extremely beautiful, Lan Lan is carrying the girl standing in front of the fence Guihua stuffed what She curiously walked over and asked This is the wing of the son of the house fidget cube amazon buy Lan Lan was shocked, back to see her, they patted his chest and said choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting Of the girls must not like the two alone when more than a person out, she was very sensible to face and left Just listen to Lan Lan t.n wayward and cute pet, angry, as long as patted her head Then she no matter how much grievances will disappear And so she cried for a while, slowly calmed down, no support fidget cube lemonchiffon Qi was asked how do you come here Is also committed a mortal sin Purple fox shook his head How to practice their own years into fidget cube design adult shaped, how to know Xuanji them Finally, how to come to the underworld things simply said again Finally, whispered You know From the Ze Palace those who have been trying to save you out of it So Do not worry One day they will be able to save you Now I come, I absolutely Do not go here to accompany you without support fidget cube design Qi frowned, odd From the Ze Palace Who is it Why did I ask them to rescue Purple fox light Road You do not know the overseas ginkgo family From Ze Palace are these demons No support Qiyi face upheaval, snapped The golden wings of birds They actually audacity to name my name Purple Fox to see him look wrong, then Qi Why do you so much reaction No support Qi snapped That despicable villain At that time, if he helped the upper bound, how can I If he did not finish, he immediately shut up, pull the purple fox from the bed, whispered fidget cube yellow and black You are here, do not say anything Purple fox obediently, leaning on his broad back, see his ragged, hair is also end up in shape, the hearts could not help a burst of sour, his hands gently hugged him, that he did not resist, the heart is a sweetShe was so relying on him, for a while astrin.hing And Yang slowly lifted his arm, Yu Si Feng s ribs immediately clear His ribs are embedded on both sides of the three black beads, non gold non jade, engraved above the text, hand touch, motionless what is this To his knowledgeable, actually do not know And Yang looked for a while, only to put down his arm, continue infusion infuriating for him I hope he can get through this fidget cube design night He shook his head silently Chu Yinghong sitting on the bed, surrounded by dark gradually down Xuanji bed motionless, clinging to her hand, as if it was the only pillar of the storm After a long, long time, she thought she was asleep, and gently leaned out to see Starlight, she tightly closed eyes, tears aspect Chu Yinghong red heart in the heart heard, sit back, a long time I do not know what to say User upload chapter third volume unintentional Xuanji Chapter forty hurt two Tough night, finally coming to an end The light blue of the blue through fidget cube fuchsia the windows of cotton paper, reflected in the house Short on the candle has been burned a few, the big beach into a block of candle tears stand in the above, a long time, and the sun just think of a new candle Bed of the boy did not wake up one night, there is no worrying about the situation Right now is the critical moment of alternating twilight, if unharmed through this moment, he would not have the life of the obstruction He found a new candle, carefully ticking candlelight, went to the bed to see Yu S.

Fidget Cube Design r is enough headache, and now coupled with a fear of the world is not chaos of the Teng snake do door god really life bitter, the tube is not, no matter God frowned Even the Teng snake adults adults should know the rules, why bother me Teng snake cried Pooh The slightest bloody things are not All day is the rules and regulations Yu Lei sighed How can a man do not rule God, Teng snake adult upper ranks, but should understand this truth But why adults and adults with the general come here Teng snakes too lazy to explain, since they dare not accompany their fight, forcing people also boring He saw that the underworld door open, which is not black in winter, the hearts of a sudden a flash of action Smiled and said Well, we naturally have something to do is you know, that person is not being held in the underworld God Tu Yu Li immediately changed the look Urgent The man how Emperor, but what instructions Teng snake laughed Let s take a look, with two sentences to him Yu Lei reluctant to stir up trouble I heard that God is with the words, immediately turned to release, God Tu is a dead boned, only said Since it is the Emperor of Heaven, there should be a keepsake Teng snake snorted No wonder you can only do the door god If the bright and clean with the words, it is necessary to go from you here I went directly to the eup Shen Ta heard him say is also justified, but as to why not upright , he saw the way the Teng snake vicious, did not.urned around and saw, Teng snake to half an arm has been another gluttonous swallow in his mouth, his face blood, ferocious incomparable, is forced to break it with the teeth off Xuanji anxious cry Teng snake And on, intended to help Teng snake snapped You roll away I can not afford to die If not finished, but it is screams loudly, obviously severe pain Xuanji anxious You are not all day boasting that they are the best in the world do How can not even meet a gluttonous Do not boast Teng snake hearts furious, but this time no energy and her bickering Gluttonous fear of fire and water, he can get it how to do Is to release the original body to burn it also burned to death, but will burn here to other people His teeth staring at the hit star magic gluttonous, not to mention that he, the other gods in heaven it headaches extremely, a district from a disciple of Zegong palace, actually able to raise two gluttonous, this thing he must be made to the Baidi , Let him send check He suddenly force, force arm from its bite of the teeth out, snapped shouted he first blinded the animal s eyes He took the body of blood, thrown into the eyes of gluttonous round yo Teng snake blood boiling than boiling, but it actually no effect, only Leng Leng to blink twice Teng snake and from the fingers Piercing its eyes, then it startled jump up, claws a push Teng snake abruptly pushed far away from the air planted Xuanji quickly went up A catch him, see h.

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