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Fidget Cube Darkseagreen h What do you say Xuanji dazed his eyes back to ask him Teng snake cough twice, said No I asked, who is exquisite Soul is how the case Some people are willing to say to me User upload fidget cube colors chapter fourth volume Hua Meng burst Chapter twelfth soul d Originally Xuanji that their experience down the mountain, not a few days will be homesick, who knows one is out for almost a year, experienced so many things, the beginning will think of the father and mother, miss in the Shaoyang school no Careless life, but more to later, this idea has slowly disappeared Old to visit, do not have a taste in my heart There is no change in the scenery, the mountain or the mountain, water or the water, Yanwu field there are still many division brothers diligently practice Change, only the state of mind Xuanji standing at the foot of the mountain, quietly watching the magnificent magnificent Shaoyang door, could not help but issue from the bottom of my heart, softly Division Phoenix, I now fidget cube darkseagreen seems to understand why Daddy lives, but also to protect Shaoyang sent As she wanted to protect the hearts of a paradise, everyone has their own most cherished things, worthy of life to defend Chu Lei as the head, in his mind, the entire Shaoyang camp from top to bottom, this whole is the most precious, his sense of responsibility and burden, not the original or the child she can understand Teng snake on the scenery here scoffed, hum The sky just a side door than here, mu.iately retire Xuanji was he took a few steps, or could not help but go back to see the man, Qi He is the Teng snake Just that huge monster How to become a person Yu fidget cube backer edition Si fidget cube uk feng whispered It s not a monster, it s a sacred animal, and you can not control it Xuanji This is also the heart of the flame baked pain, do not want to stay, so nodded his head Who knows the man fidget cube insider in the back suddenly sneered You go this way Dare I rude, nature is to pay the price to The two were shocked, Xuanji speak of the collapse of the waist jade suddenly a hot, actually became just like out of the stove out of the same, hot her shocked a tremor, the next moment collapse jade from the scabbard in the sky, In the air to draw a Yinhui, firmly fall in the hands of the man Is to use this sword stabbed me to The man is very arrogant, that means a bomb on the collapse of jade, at once issued a clear and buzzing, he praised mortal there is also a good sword You two little dolls have eyes do not know Taishan, have not seen the world, I do not blame you as a punishment, this sword left to me He fell over, pointed to the shoulder piece, and sure enough, where the clothes broke a small hole, but not to hurt the skin Temporarily do not know Jian Yu Jian Qi extremely sharp, even the rocks can be split, the two had just witnessed Jianqi thorn in the snake to the body, only to cut his clothes cut a hole, the hearts could not help aghast Xuan Ji see collapse in his hands con.

ples brought to a safe place Presbyterian guard near the demon to kill the net slip through the net This sword array is too strong, do not hard hit Everyone was shocked, are agitated mind, and now see him so calmly ordered to order, orderly, have nodded Chu Lei also said Please from the Ze palace two main house to inform the three factions, floating jade Island distress The original island to most of the participating disciples, can not bring the whole martial art to bring over, most fidget cube gray of the older disciples of the elite Stay among fidget cube darkseagreen the martial art, to them to inform, is to request reinforcements Who knows he said it twice, no one from the Ze Palace agreed, looked back, from the Ze Palace Morohito are gathered in one side, motionless, the two main Miyaji disappeared Chu Lei consternation under the continuous asked Who is your master it Who knows no one to answer him, as if the disciples did not hear from Ze Palace, like the same Emergency situation, they also refused to bother these strange from the Ze Palace disciples, had to give up the request reinforcements, each assigned number, to fulfill their obligations Suddenly listen to pillars of Taoist National People s Congress laughed a bunch of rat generation Good to teach you know terrible Voice just fall, just listen to pop sound, Jian Zhen release numerous fireworks, straight into the sky, while smoke filled the air People also do not understand is why, suddenly felt foot strong.up pretty easy, just fly slow point He saw Xuanji and folded back, they put a brow erect, cried how to turn back You go first So I m afraid I can still grab him back Xuanji hesitated, only said You you first tell me, the mask is also from the Ze Palace in the end is how is it Liu Yi exclaimed I do not know, that guy has always been arrogant, certainly not the fact that you listen to their own teeth to endure a person I tell you from the Ze Palace has a dead requirement, once into his home fidget cube darkseagreen door, In order to show compliance with the provisions of this death, so everyone wear a mask, only in the palace was allowed to pick it downIn other words, can see the true face, on behalf of their own people Ze Gong, the only people who can be with the door Xuanji remembered four years ago Secretary Feng mask was demons broken, depressed panic look, when she can not understand, and that the main house argue for a long time Finally, he said, will not blame the Secretary for Phoenix the result is not the case He was punished, was under what the lover curse So, when he was your little devil to see the mask under the face So to outsiders as their own people No matter who is at fault, in short, he should be punished Originally Well Is not a serious punishment , The maximum off a confinement, curse two, or hit twoMa Gongzhu like him, certainly for his sakeWho knows you do not save the girl and people have to quarrelThe results of the big house ruth.uter house Yu Si feng said, they reveal the owner and set a contract, so no matter what time can not be separated, so every inn accommodation, she had to call a large room, connected inside and outside to live snake live At this time also refused to accept any men and women do not kiss, and anyway Xuanji in the eyes, he has and beast no difference, want to come in his eyes, he is also a nasty Huangmaoyatou, reason are too lazy to reason Surprisingly, outside the empty, Teng snake is not there to sleep Xuanji strange to open the door, see the downstairs lobby lights dim micro Huang, it seems that came the voices, she leaned on the railing a look, but it is Yushi Feng and Teng snake, most of the night without sleep Drink in the following How do you drink do not call me Xuanji ran down quickly, smiling asked They see her come, immediately shut up do not say Teng snake coldly As a fidget cube darkseagreen woman Shouting all day shouting is a sin, but also to drink is simply anger people resentment, abominable extreme Xuanji did not bother him, pretended not to hear, Yu Si Feng took her a cup, pour a glass of wine Smiled and said early to see you out of the room lights, that you sleep, so I did not call youWe have just said to the things not to the mountainTeng snake to go there, just waiting for the end of the hairpin meeting, they can together went Xuanji very curious to see the Teng snake, his Dan Fengyan slightly a squint, a disgusted way to sweep her, s.

Fidget Cube Darkseagreen hird beautiful, no one will say that she is lucky Had not sent his disciples asked to collapse by a view of jade, that she engaged in what the sword strange, or readily cut off weapons, it is not the general brawn of the people can do, she looked so timid, Is not the type of Kong Wuyouli But the results still let them down, although the sharp collapse of jade, but they used to cut other weapons, can not be as easily cut off as she did They do not understand, collapse jade only Xuanji hands will play its real divine power, other people to use, but also some sharp sword nothing, nothing unusual Today, the disciples were knocked out only five people, and only one person Xuanji Shaoyang sent only from the fidget cube japan Ze Palace that can be summoned to reveal the disciples, the remaining two are floating jade Island, a man for the point of the eye Valley disciple In the exquisite mouth of the ordinary wonders of the floating jade island disciples, actually in the hairpin the General Assembly on the shine, perhaps accounted for the terrain advantage, perhaps they are hidden, but in any case, they do win People convinced This day early in the morning, Yanwu field has been crowded with spectators of the crowd Today s test after the end of another day is the final, so more and more people come to watch Perhaps because the hairpin to the General Assembly to the present no matter what, floating jade island jurisdiction also slightly relaxed some of the.ou, but I do not want to be with you Great Miyaji ecstatic, shaking The good boy Good boy Well said Master and away from the Ze Palace it Time for a long time, you will forget it all Yu Si feng tired to breathe, whispered Master disciples to Tim you add a lot of fidget cube darkseagreen trouble Grandmother could not help but tears, no trouble as long as you come back my heart is very happy He turned and walked, without looking back Deputy Miyaji saw Xuanji for a while, also followed slowly cheap fidget cube away Xuanji suddenly cried Secretary Feng Please do not go Do not do not leave me He did not seem to hear, he no longer see her Miyaji Teng body to fly, and soon became a little black, no longer see Deputy Miyaji standing in the air, looking down at Xuanji, seems to have some mercy, a long while before, whispered You are still young, later, so you understand He suddenly shook his head, sigh, fly away Xuan Ji eyes stared blankly in the sky, staggered chase a few steps, the bottom of my heart as empty as the sky was completely emptied You deceiveyou lie she murmured, a large string of tears along her white face slipped, has been flowing to the neck Her eyes blinked and blinked, slowly walking, like a lost soul The back of the Liu Italian Huan can not bear to help her up, softly Xiao Xuanji, you do not matter it Oh how the two are so brains, people Tam Xuangui distracted to look back, stared at him, whispered Liu Big Brother, he lied to me he was gone Liu Yiyuan softly s.

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