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Fidget Cube Chartreuse oom, went to the door, just listen to someone inside to speak, it seems the sound of Zhong Minyan, she slightly Yizheng, sometimes not well go in, I m afraid to disturb them, are turning to go, but Listen to Zhong Min Yan said You do not always worry about Xuanji and the Secretary for things, Xuanji is an idea of their own people, although she never said lips, but my heart is very few you just peace of mind, hurt, she can rest assured Xuanji heart of a move, just listen to exquisite whispered then said In fact, almost the same good, is this voice you say, let s go with her to Si Feng is good Zhong Minyan laughed The two of them things, we do not intervene, if a group of people are to follow, let them how to speak to you I see Secretary Feng is a stuffy temper, not allowed to annoy him , Refused to see Xuanji it Xuanji listen to them whispering whispered to speak, she and the Secretary of Phoenix are talking about things, not help some blush, but thought that if Secretary Yu Feng really refused to see her, hide, it Zensheng is good Was want to bruised and battered, suddenly the shoulder was a beat, she was surprised, surprised to see Chu Yinghong and Tingliu intended to hate them a few people standing behind her laugh How not to go in, eavesdropping on fidget cube by kickstarter the outside of them to speak Chu Yinghong smile to joke, is not to see two people sweet sweet sweet honey, their uncomfortable Xuanji quickly argued I was not Chu Ying red patted h.geon of the three He is still pondered, next to the slaves slaves suddenly opened Palace Masters, why not ask the child what he meant Although he is from the Ze Palace disciples, but also a person, how can he know he did not want to leave Omiya see his sudden opening, not help some stunned, looked fidget cube pictures up and down a thin, whispered This is Slave slaves, he faintly reported on his name, and then opened a shop in the legs of the small blankets, fish tail immediately exposed, I am a shark The young disciples had to see him gentle, sitting in a wheelchair, the thought is a disabled scholar characters, who knows is actually a shark, have uproar Grand Miyaji eyes quickly swept over his fishtail, eyelids slightly Yi Chan, This said It is Mr Slave slaves, Mr Since I am not from the Ze Palace of the people, not at liberty to intervene Secretary Feng personal wishes , Has nothing to do with the ability How can it not He is not a wood man Is a crisp voice sounded, a large Miyaji looked up to see Xuanji came forward, or four years ago, and that little girl, the head held high, without fear, certainly looked at himself Xuanji also said Do you do Miyagi, do not speak to him, what is the reason His mask is my pick, the spell I will give him unlock As long as the spell unlock, he is not from the Ze Palace to Yeah, yeah, I m going to unlock it Omiya main chuckle, Miss Chu If we have not finished, but she waved interrupted, I do not want to hear you s.

less hardened the heart, It is the heaviest punishment, do you understand what that means Xuanji heart pounding bang, dazed shook his head Then, on behalf of, from that moment he put everything away No home can be back, from a lonely duckweed is a person Her heart seemed to be something fiercely bar a bit, not the first pain, but slowly, that pain began to bite the heart bone Pain almost bent down All in all, he did not say, he always faint smile Indifferent to accompany their own She was also self willed fidget cube wiki fidget cube wheat as it should be, as if he should be born with her Can not leave His day Under such a determination, how much courage Never give up their homeland Abandon all once fidget cube chartreuse hadIt is for whom For what So he was so sad that night with her eyes looked at her, so he said is absolutely, so fidget cube ship date he said later regret not work, so he open bitter joke, that he is not duckweed Her regret was to be added, hand tightly clutching his face, I do not know the wood of his own head bad rotten, or stabbed himself a sword Liu Yi Huan see her tears overflow from the fingers, the heart is also some could not bear, sigh If you feel sorry for him have the gratitude of the heart, but also live up to his love of a fidget cube chartreuse Ting slave suddenly whispered affection also ruthless emotional things, how can the surface point of view, you a big old, but also know how much Liu Yi Huan eyes stare, furious angrily I do not know how good or bad I am a romantic suave half cents adults I.body, is also considered a small load Just wake up that spirit will be only hundred times because of mental excitement, said after a conversation gradually bad, fell down asleep The sleep and sleep for two days, Xuanji moment kept squatting next to, I m afraid she could not sleep, but fortunately the next afternoon, she finally opened his eyes, the first thing that hungry fidget cube skyblue Xuanji hurriedly from the table has long been good heat up the millet gruel, with a spoon to feed her, one side smiles This is my turn to take care of you You do my sister, I do sister Delicate soft leaning against the bed, look lazy, gently complained I do not like the top of this a little taste Is there no big fish Xuanji gently smile, softly Well, you sleep for almost a year, has not eaten Suddenly eat large fish, the body is not good Slowly A few days you can eat a taste Something Delicate two soul six soul was taken away, the body is equal to die in an instant, only my heart still keep some warmth Chu Lei was also worried that the original will not eat to her failure will die Herbal soup every day filling her drink, who knows how much she fed how much Throat are closed to live, a drop of water also can not get Later, and Yang said the soul was pumping away the person can not eat, for she also does not affect, Chu Lei couple was calm down At the moment she finally woke up, extremely weak stomach How to eat large fish Xuanji will be the majority of small bo.mall whole look at him He removed from the arms of an iron ball, pinch in the two fingers, as action to pop up, Xuanji hurriedly pulled Do not you, he is an ordinary person, how to eat you play it Marbles can be smashed glass cylinder, and she deeply understand, if the person who smashed in, I m afraid to hurt bones broken bones He shook his head, two fingers of a bomb, Death to sound, that is falling on the floor of the marbles, followed by a rebound in the middle of the knee He screamed, fell to the ground, half a day to get up, fidget cube chartreuse look around, I do not know how in the end is how to fall, and finally can only Mamalielie back to the pub Wrestling him, this is his offense to your return Yu Si feng smiled, his eyes hidden a hint of mischievous taste, very childish Although the Xuanji took off the notice, but also get a deposit, but the total catch on his two still very worried, I heard they immediately intend to Pingliang, they immediately convened troops, selected four loyal followers of their powerful , As to take care of In fact, surveillance This to Pingliang, all the way to the official road, longitudinal horse gallop One day you can go That strange fire, please two Xiaoxia months One month period full The matter has not been resolved, that deposit can only trouble Two to the bureaucracy The total catch is very blunt, in fact, the time given above is six months, but he always felt that the two young people are liars, the first.

Fidget Cube Chartreuse tone, expression and Chu Lei exactly the same, the original also convinced that he is false, this Will be some uncertainty, a small channel You so He is not a fake, right Xuanji sneer, pinch the jianjue in hand, Senran You deceive others, can not deceive me You behind the bloody gas can hide from my nose Yaoqi soaring The man was her break through the door, and immediately flew away Yu Si feng will be forced to throw the sword, the man in the air less than fidget cube clicker dodge, had to protect the chest vital, by his sword over the cheek His face changed, feet gently in the top of the tree, the whole person, like smoke curl up, fidget cube chartreuse quickly spread, no trace Xuanqi hates a cry, the collapse of the jade fiercely smashed back into the scabbard Yu Si feng laughed No harm, his face was injured, no way to change, no matter who becomes, to see his face scars to know him They look back, see Zhong Min made at a loss, not help sighed Go Yu Si feng past patted his shoulder, to find Chu head, to say everything clear User upload chapter fourth volumes Hua Meng burst Chapter twenty fourth eve f All immediately rushed back to the main hall, hurriedly, even the newspaper also can not wait, broke into the Chu Lei and Ching Chi Ching is the old tea, the opposite is also sitting Tingluo Liu Yi Huan two, greedy Teng snake is raiding around Of the pastry, a see them these children unintelligible to rushed in, everyone is surprised a moment, Chu Lei immediately sink fac.umerous guard patrol, to prevent someone to win eager to do what in the ring hands and feet Teng snake Qigua eight around, does not seem to recognize the way to look, from time to time to rise with the nose smell, followed by Zaiqu Xuanji around the ground are dizzy, and grabbed his sleeve a small channel Hey Where are you going in the end ah If people can be found ugly Who told you to come back to their own go back Teng snake off her hand, Minato to smell the fidget cube chartreuse smell on the left, suddenly found something Eyebrows a pick, Batui on Ben And so on Xuanji hurry to keep up, seeing him toward the north of the ring behind a huge platform to run That top of the circle in a circle of floating jade disciples, like him bolted Sooner or later be found Her heart greatly anxious, but why they can not shout, can only bite with the back, suddenly remembered what touched the waist of the small bladder Heart suddenly had an idea Teng snake She whispered, taking advantage of his impatience to turn back and scold, raised his hand and threw him a small bottle, You move fast, go up and drop the things inside those people face Teng snake looked down, surprised to see the palm of his hand spread a thumb sized crystal bottle, which has half a bottle of translucent water, gently sniffing, he immediately played several sneezing Rubbing his nose and said This is what they say the mortal drug Xuan Ji see the above people seem to find this movement does not, h.

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