All these boxes look the same. What makes DROIDSTREAM® so special?

The Droidstream® isn’t just a piece of plastic that was simply purchased from a Chinese factory at the cheapest price available then stuffed with inferior software. We believe in quality design and easy to use interfaces so our customers can start using the Droidstream® right away. Our programming team is one of the best in the industry ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best and smoothest streaming experience possible. Our Droidstream® includes a great variety of programming including KODI, Showbox, Mobdro, and Cloud TV.

Does the Droidstream® have Wi-Fi?

We wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t. You can most definitely use the Droidstream® to stream content over a stable Wi-Fi connection. The stronger the connection, and the faster your Internet package, the better. If your router is far away from where the device will be used, be sure to purchase a unit that has long WIFI rang, or check you speed at speedtest.net to make sure you have adequate signal strength. For Wi-Fi you need to be at 15-20 MBPS (megabits per second) for smooth streaming in HD. If the device is far away from the router.

Is the Droidstream® covered by warranty?

Every purchased Droidstream® comes with a 1 year hardware warranty so you can have complete peace of mind early on. While we’re not responsible for the loss of any certain Add-ons, if you experience any issues with Kodi or the hardware components we’ll be more than happy to repair or replace your Droidstream® completely free of charge within the first 6 months. Bottom line is we don’t leave our customers high and dry, rarely do we ever have issues, but if there is, we’re more than willing to accommodate our customers. Even after six months.

Can I watch in HD or even 4K?

The quality of the content ranges from standard definition 480P to HD 1080P, and soon UHD 4K will become more readily available as well. The quality of your content is determined by the source of the content you are trying to watch. We have no control over this.

Can I use this device in my country?

How about Canada? The Droidstream® can work in countries all over the world, however, the content that is available may vary depending on your location. Contact us to inquire about this.

Can I watch LIVE SPORTS?

Many of our customers watch NFL, UFC, NHL, FIFA, MLS, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, golf, rugby and more!

Can I watch LIVE TV?

You sure can! There is LIVE TV content available with various Add-ons. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific broadcast, show, or channel at any particular time.

Does the Droidstream® offer content in different languages?

You can access content available in a wide variety of languages. If you’re looking for a particular language, please let us know so we can look into customizing a Droidstream® just for you. Kodi can be configured to operate up to 75 different languages under International settings.

Will I be able to watch local television channels from my area?

While many local stations offer free online streams of their broadcasts (which the Droidstream® will be able to deliver) we cannot guarantee all your local television channels will be available. However, you may still be able to view the shows those local channels offer through other sources on the Droidstream®.

Can I use the Droidstream® on more than one television at a time?

You can’t, however, the Droidstream® is very easy to disconnect and reconnect again when moving it around the house between televisions. Or, you can buy more than one Droidstream® so everyone in the family is happy.

Is it legal to own and use a Droidstream® ?

Yes it is. The FCC defines streaming as “public domain”. The content becomes illegal only if you download and/or distribute it (which you need to be in possession of in order to do so). The Droidstream® is only set up to stream so we’ve taken the necessary steps to prevent you from voluntarily or involuntarily downloading.