Droidstream Systems, limits their guarantees and support to the software that is pre-installed upon your Droidstream device. All alterations, additional programs, additional ROM’s and programs that are deleted are entirely and wholly the responsibility of the software creators in question and the end user who installs/deletes them.


Droidstream Systems also only provides support for the applications that are pre-installed upon the device that are provided within the package ‘out-of-the-box’. For each of these applications we guarantee that in their respective original, unaltered states, will work as they should, playing both video and sound correctly and without issue.


We don’t cover any further programs not included out of the box.


We also don’t cover further ADD-ONS, hard-drives external to the device or not installed with the original package, external USB and bluetooth devices, remotely controlled apps, private network configurations/programs and Google Play applications.


Droidstream Systems, does not provide support, host, nor does it own or have any affiliation or connection with software, programs or ADD-ON services that come pre-installed upon your Droidstream device. Droidstream Systems, does not provide support, hosting, nor does it own or have any affiliation or connection with any of the streaming sources or server/content sources that are within any of the programs that are installed as standard upon any of the products that we manufacture. Droidstream Systems does not therefore guarantee any quality of bandwidth, consistency, subtitles or the availability of any of the associated streams, or stream sources.


Droidstream Systems. explicitly discourages users from violating copyright laws or otherwise breaking the DMCA ACT in any way or form. Droidstream is designed as a mini PC which can connect up to your TV or other display source. Using the Droidstream media player in any other way is left solely to the end user’s discretion. By using the Droid box device users are both showing their understanding and agreement that Droidstream Systems is not liable for any actions undertaken by the user upon the device. The end user additionally understands that the Droidstream Android device is a miniature PC. Droidstream Systems takes no responsibility whatsoever for the actions that users may undertake upon or engage in, in relation to their device.