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Fidget Cube Xuanji fidget cube like Mingming Ming, then sigh and said The original has not yet realized This is a Teng snake adults, you two trespassing to the government, the Why Teng snakes have not had time to speak, the side of the vagina has long ramble to say things out, one will be what trespassing hell, one will be what the threat of negative, for a while interference with the penalty, only wait for them Said offend great evil, and immediately dragged out beheaded Teng snake furious He fart You can not speak, right I immediately teach you how to speak He put his sleeve a stroke, rushed to beat people, those little devil Yinchao already scared Guikulanghao, U turn and runXuanji a pull him, whispered fidget cube Stop it, this is my master it, previously taught me a lot of ground truth Teng snake snorted Little judge what the truth to you Judge is not fidget cube chartreuse angry, only laughed Xuanji touches remembered some of the past, I see your hostility to eliminate a lot, really gratifying, and perhaps some time, really understand the road Xuanji shook his head I do not know what avenueSi Feng said, a man should live in the present, all eyes are the fidget cube olivedrab most importantEven if I think of things past life, that only past lives, and I have nothing to do with this life The judge frowned There is no leading edge where the consequences, this is the naive child s absurd theoryMoreover, you say past life and life has nothing to do, then why should the past by their own use of past life of.ghed This is your Shaoyang Min generals to send generous disciples to shine myself Look at Huh Sensitive how not Rao is his clever, but also guessed the reasons, then an exit, see everyone face wrong, and quickly shut up Dry laugh twice, said The little guys are coming Delicate, the last time we can give you to worry about the badThe penalty you drink two glasses of wine Chu Lei laughed What children drink home Ching Ching Mo to spoil them Linglong hurried The East should be uncle on the island of flowers flowers Qinglu liquor I have been obsessed with it There is the island main lady to do dishes the East uncle, your wife Zhong Min Yan secretly pulled her a sleeve Hint she can not say, exquisite confused, unaware Oriental Qingqi reminding us of scenes do not smell, only laughed Wine plenty I m afraid you drank too much, to your dad to carry back Chu Lei asked Yung Guzhu and fidget cube kickstart Miyaji they have not yet arrived Oriental Qingqi shook his head Yung Guzhu will go tomorrow, from fidget cube the Ze Palace there seems to be some private matter, and then a few days later Hey, Division Phoenix is also Oh, your house is always so mysterious Miyaji, really unpredictable what Yu Si Feng light laughter, did not answer Chu Lei see fidget cube how much does it cost both sides have some embarrassing things do not know each other, that more but more embarrassing, then told I have not seen a long time and the main islandersThere are many words to sayYou go down to rest, eat time to call you The.

akistan snake is back to the wound to eat pain struggle, suddenly smell the breath of the living, is the mouth, not by ecstatic, a bite down Yu Si feng from its Senli to flash between the teeth, suddenly overstating And Xuanji both left and right, aimed at it big and dull eyes severely stabbed Flutter to sound, they feel is punctured the ball the same From that wound poured a lot of black water They know that powerful, can not meet Dodge let over, sword and then stabbed, I do not know it in the eyes of the poor to stab the number of sword Pakistan snake pain was covered in whole body up and down straight shaking, dense legs kick kick, mouth smell the breath of the living However, they are also more flexible than the rabbit, how could not eat mouth, and finally had to give up, rolling on the floor, I do not know how to eliminate that pain Xuan Ji will collapse in the hands of jade, fingers slowly blowing over the blade, which Dengshi blooming to eye catching fire She now seems to be able to call out a little Samadhi really small fire, though not much, but better than the previous time when the spirit to the better Pakistan snake suddenly feel the side to red hot Subconsciously avoid, but it is late Xuanji vertical sword flying on its back, will burn the Sanmeizhenhuo collapse of jade fiercely into its vest Like cut melon cut vegetables in general, from scratch to the tail Samadhi real fire is how severe the days of fire Together.h What do you say Xuanji dazed his eyes back to ask him Teng snake cough twice, said No I asked, who is exquisite Soul is how the case Some people are willing to say to me User upload chapter fourth volume Hua Meng burst Chapter twelfth soul d Originally Xuanji that their experience down the mountain, not a few days will be homesick, who knows one is out for almost a year, experienced so many things, the beginning will think of the father and mother, miss in the Shaoyang school no Careless life, but more to later, this idea has slowly disappeared Old to visit, do not have a taste in my heart There is no change in the scenery, the mountain or the mountain, water or the water, Yanwu field there are still many division brothers diligently practice Change, only the state of mind Xuanji standing at the foot of the mountain, quietly watching the magnificent magnificent Shaoyang door, could not help but issue from the bottom of my heart, softly Division Phoenix, I now seems to understand why Daddy lives, but also to protect Shaoyang sent As she wanted to protect the hearts of a paradise, everyone has their own most cherished things, worthy of life to defend Chu Lei as the head, in his mind, the entire Shaoyang camp from top to bottom, this whole is the most precious, his sense of responsibility and burden, not the original or the child she can understand Teng snake on the scenery here scoffed, hum The sky just a side door than here, mu.side to confidant demons, know his weaknesses, I m afraid he can really kill to heaven, a row of troubleI have been looking for him to play a, see who powerful, But the White Emperor will not let me down Hey, this time I got to the underworld, the first hit to say Baidi can take me Meizhe He was obviously glad that bad, think of a frame can play, or a earth shattering demon, which than in the world all the food lost in front of him to make him more excited Xuanji is also trying to think about things without support Qi, listen to what he said, floods, weaknesses, and feel very familiar Impression of the faint really have such a big demon, against the world, a great mess She muttered The so called weakness is not lust Teng snake jump, Dengyuan the eyes You hear who said Xuanji shook his head Do not know, but seems to have the impression Teng snarried In fact, I do not know the things that yearAlthough the following a mess, but the Emperor ordered the upper bound not to talk about this matter, Bai Di do not give me down to find him fight, I can only listen to others that Should be said that fidget cube darkseagreen he was really lustrous, and did not save the lust, to see a little pretty woman on the walk road Although this kind of love in the Teng snake seems very boring, he felt no matter what the woman is not as good as fighting or eating more happy, but since it is no support QI weakness, it is also no way Strange to say, you were also counted in fidget cube floralwhite the h.

Fidget Cube ent always help a lot fidget cube of busy, they are also better to tame a, even more powerful She grew more and more feel that the idea is good, familiar enough to read Now you will be a Yaohua sword, Yang Que power also has improvement, I do not have you from the Ze Palace to sword training to skilled To the poor save the mountain, so that can fidget cube not be a half bakedFeed a revealing, it is best to fly, or the kind of light body, with its help, that sword should be able to power on a lot more than it is now Yu Si feng said Weeping beast is not a pet, a year or so how there will be improvement unless unless you can catch the powerful demons, if you want to like small Yinhua from small to large, do not spend a dozen years of effort , It does not help much at all Then we ll catch the devil Xuanji looked at his hand, suddenly sighed, light If I can anytime, anywhere with Sanmeizhenhuo, fidget cube neon as in the weeks off the mountain and from the Ze Palace, as we do not have to worry about, but this spell Spirit is not working, no way to rely on it Yu Si feng laughed Then do not rely on, practical practice As they reveal things, the future always have the opportunity to encounter compatibility, and sometimes hurry to find, may not be able to find good Xuanji nodded, and gradually speak to the eyelids thick, tired hit She yawned, pulled the quilt drill into, close to his shoulder, rub two, whispered Division Phoenix back to participate in hairpin when the General guilty, her presence will be enough to make his heartache, but it is always a fact can not be ignored Do you mean, you like people, people but you did not mean the slightest Xuanji shocked Anyway, Liu Italian Huan has always been no big or small, she also followed no big or small, ask not polite Liu Yi laments a cry, faint, said Perhaps she died do not know who I am He was so infatuated Xuanji a hold on the chin, save it fall Yushi Feng shock at the same time, I suddenly felt something was wrong Can not help but ask Wait, big brotherYou say people are your lover Liu Yi Huan face changed, and finally a sad sigh, smile I know you can not hide from this ghost spirit She is not my love, she is my my daughter Empty to cry, is too shocked Xuanji stumble from the chair to the ground sound He has a daughter He had a daughter Xuanji suddenly felt the whole world has become very wonderful Everything is so elusive Liu Yi exclaimed That is my young man made the crime And that prostitute night carnival, who would like her beads be dark knot, gave birth to a daughter Because I said he is from the Ze Palace to disciples, The child to the palace door, I thought, whether she is a prostitute or anything, is the child s mother, I left the Ze palace, and then ransom for her three family to find a beautiful place over a lifetime , Is also a good thingWho knows Old Miyaji learned of the matter, very angry Night sent to the prostitutes poisoned the.

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